Uncover Your


Stand out in a sea of sameness

Tuesday, January 30


9-11am CST


 Stand out in a sea of sameness

Businesses have more options than ever for solving their challenges.

A simple Google search can produce thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of your competitors in a matter of seconds.

Boring messages, inconsistent experiences, and a lack of clear differentiation not only cause your business to blend in — they lose sales.

Businesses need a clear reason to buy from you.

Our Uncover Your Differentiation workshop will give you the lessons and tools to discover and implement your differentiated idea throughout our business.


Mark Your Calendar.


Tuesday, January 30


9-11am CST



A Master’s in Branding

Not Your Average Branding Classes.

We’ll use sass, energy, and fun to teach you how to find and implement your differentiated idea.


Explore the fundamentals and nuances of brand differentiation.


Receive tactical advice and real-life examples to uncover your differentiation.


Get guides, frameworks, and templates to bring your differentiation to life.


A Fun and Practical Experience.


Our workshop will teach you how to uncover your differentiated idea.


We’ll use real-life examples from workshop participants to drive the lesson home.


Get your hands on the exact frameworks we use to uncover our customers’ differentiation.


We’ll have time at the end to provide answers to your burning questions.


Participate in exercises and get to know your fellow attendees.


#SassyJason will make an appearance to poke fun at bad branding tactics.


Meet Your Trainer.

Jason Vana

I am a brand and content strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of SHFT. Before social media even existed, I was creating content that drove revenue and positioned brands as the premium choice in their industry. Fast forward 20 years and my strategies have turned previously unknown businesses into worldwide, category-dominating brands. When I’m not leading the team at SHFT, I can be found hiking, traveling, brushing up on my Czech language skills, or ripping apart bad sales and marketing tactics as #sassyjason.

Are you in?

Who’s it for?
The Uncover Your Differentiation Workshop is perfect for solopreneurs, freelancers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and agency owners looking to compete in a crowded market:
  • Copywriters
  • SEO
  • Graphic Designers
  • Fitness/Health Coaches
  • Website Designers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Business Consultants
  • Life Coaches
  • Content Creators
  • Accountants
  • Financial Planners
  • Recruiters
  • And More!

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Frequently Asked Questions.
What do you mean by Group Workshops?
These workshops are open to 25 participants at a time, meaning you will be in a workshop with other entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s how we are able to keep the cost per person low.
What if I'm unable to attend the live workshop?
That’s okay! A recording of the workshop will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder with all of the implementation resources.

Sure, you’ll miss out on the experience of attending the workshop live, but you’ll still get all the lessons and resources.

Will a replay be available?
Yes! A recording of the workshop will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder with all of the implementation resources from the workshop.

You’ll have access to the recording and resources long after the workshop is over.

Though, we do recommend downloading a copy of everything in the folder so you have access to it in perpetuity.

Why only one aspect of a brand?
Branding is incredibly nuanced. Rather than give you a surface-level overview, these workshops are designed to teach you why, how, and the pitfalls to avoid while working on a specific aspect of a brand strategy.

Those who attend every workshop will be able to create an effective brand strategy for their business.

How do the workshops work?
Our workshops are 2 hour group coaching sessions held over Zoom. They consist of interactive teaching, examples from group participants, and implementation resources to apply the lessons to your specific business.
Why should I buy a 1:1 with Jason?
The group workshops will give you the foundation and tools you need to implement that specific aspect of branding into your business.

The 1:1’s allow you to get insights, feedback, and direction for your specific brand and business.

Can I get a private workshop?
Yes. We can develop a custom and private workshop to fit your specific needs. Simply book a call so we can learn what solution you’re after and develop a workshop just for you.
Can the workshops be done in person?
Yes. We can arrange a single or multiple workshops to be conducted in person. Travel and lodging expenses will be added to the cost of the workshops.
What if I'm building a personal brand?
Effective personal branding follows the same process as corporate branding. What you learn in these workshops will help you build a corporate or personal brand.

Create a Differentiated Brand.