Refine Your Brand, Fast.

Are you a solopreneur or small business owner? Don’t have the time or budget for a full rebrand?

Improve your brand quickly with Workshops!

What Are SHFT Workshops?
Workshops are live Zoom classes designed to teach you about a specific topic, connect you with our strategists and other solopreneurs, and give you steps you can implement immediately.

Most brand “workshops” and “classes” leave you with fluff advice, copy and paste templates, and tactics that don’t work for your particular audience.

SHFT Workshops are different.

They’re focused, interactive, and actionable. We limit seats to 5 people so we can customize our workshops based on the solopreneurs and business owners in each class.

And they’re designed to get you results.

Steps of Education

Not Your Average Branding Classes.

We host workshops on Zoom so you can interact with our strategists and other solopreneurs.
Every workshop is recorded so you have permanent access afterward. Prices start at $175.


We teach you the fundamentals of a topic.


You get to implement what you learn, right away.


You get feedback and guidance from our strategists.

Here’s What a Typical Workshop Looks Like.

After a short introduction, workshops will usually happen in two phases:
Phase 1: Education and knowledge acquisition.
Phase 2: Implementation and Guidance.
At the end of the class, you’ll receive live feedback from the Coach and from fellow solopreneurs.

Groups of 5

Each workshop caps at 5 people so you get an interactive experience with real-time feedback.

Focused Outcomes

Explore one specific aspect of branding, content, or operations so you can level up that part of your business.

Actionable Steps

Receive tactical, practical advice you can implement immediately.


Workshops are held over Zoom and conducted live, allowing you to access them from wherever you are.


Each workshop runs no longer than 2 hours long and for maximum results.

Mark Your Calendar.

Future Workshops.

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Got a Unique Challenge?

Book A Private Workshop.

Need a custom or private workshop just for you and your team? Book a call with us. We’ll find out where your brand is struggling and craft a workshop specifically for you.

Happy Clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions.
What do you mean by Group Workshops?
These workshops are open to 5 participants at a time, meaning you will be in a workshop with other solopreneurs and people from other businesses. It’s how we are able to keep the cost per person so low.
How do the workshops work?
Our workshops are 2 hour group coaching sessions held over Zoom. Each workshop is limited to 5 participants to keep the calls intimate and interactive.
Can I get a private workshop?
Yes. We can develop a custom and private workshop to fit your specific needs. Simply book a call so we can learn what solution you’re after and develop a workshop just for you.
Can the workshops be done in person?
Yes. We can arrange a single or multiple workshops to be conducted in person. Travel and lodging expenses will be added to the cost of the workshops.
Why only one aspect of a brand?
We have found some companies don’t need a full brand strategy. Rather, focused, actionable help in one specific area is all they need to take their brand to the next level. These workshops are designed to solve that need.
What if I'm a solopreneur?
These workshops are designed for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Ready to Refine Your Brand?