Turn your team into
LinkedIn Masters.

Training to build and manage multiple LinkedIn accounts.

A Master’s Degree in LinkedIn.

Managing LinkedIn accounts for your executives and sales team isn’t easy.

From creating strategies and writing content to hitting engagement and revenue goals, growing accounts on LinkedIn can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

So, how do you grow multiple accounts in limited time?

We’ve distilled years of LinkedIn growth strategies into comprehensive training sessions that will turn you and your team into LinkedIn masters.

Strategy, engagement, content creation, social selling, even understanding how the algorithm works, you’ll walk away with clear direction on how to grow your team’s presence on LinkedIn.

Stop testing. Get the clarity you need to create successful LinkedIn content.


What They Say.

LinkedIn content that converts.

Learn the Strategies that Drive 75% of Our Business.
Let’s be real: Most LinkedIn advice is bullshit.

Instead of wasting your team’s time trying to figure out what to post, how often, who to connect with, and how to drive the demand your business needs, let SHFT help.

Our corporate LinkedIn training packages combine classroom theory with hands-on strategy creation to turn you and your team into LinkedIn masters.

You’ll learn the exact strategies and tools we use every day to drive 75% of the revenue we make at SHFT — no fluff included.

And while results vary, our clients see as much as a 60% increase in revenue from their LinkedIn content after learning from us.

Let’s increase yours.

What’s Included

How It Works.


Our collaborative sessions teach you the fundamentals of LinkedIn while getting hands-on developing a strategy.



You’ll walk away from the training with an implementable strategy for one of your LinkedIn accounts.


You’ll receive copies of every worksheet to help implement across all of your accounts.

Slack Channel

Get feedback on posts, ask questions, and get advice in a private Slack channel with your trainer.


Why You’ll Win.

Classroom training is not easy to implement. It’s theory.

We make your training a hands-on experience.

You’ll create a strategy for one of your LinkedIn accounts, get feedback on posts you write, and have expert guidance along the way.

The best part? We give you resources to repeat the process for every account you manage.

Deliverable: one-page strategy template and training worksheets.

li training image

What You’ll Learn

Training Sessions.


Discover how to position your team members as experts on the platform while also generating leads for the company.


Develop an engagement strategy that gets your content in front of your ideal customers.

Content Creation

Discover the ideas, formats, structures, and carousel designs that elevate your content in the algorithm and delight your customers.

Advanced Content

Repurposing, calls-to-action, hashtags, and rebounding from an algorithm change — advanced topics to help you master the platform.

Content Analytics

Learn how to analyze and adjust your team’s content strategies using SHIELD analytics.

Social Selling

Turn interest in your content into a sales opportunity with these simple social selling techniques.

Who you’ll be working with.

Meet Your Trainer.

Jason Vana

I am a brand and content strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of SHFT. Before social media even existed, I was creating content that drove revenue and positioned brands as the premium choice in their industry. Fast forward 20 years and my strategies have turned previously unknown businesses into worldwide, category-dominating brands. When I’m not leading the team at SHFT, I can be found hiking, traveling, brushing up on my Czech language skills, or ripping apart bad sales and marketing tactics as #sassyjason.

Choose your plan

Training Packages.

What did we miss?

Frequently Asked Questions.
How long are the training sessions?

Each package includes:

  • Foundations: 3 sessions (2 hours each)
  • LinkedIn Master: 5 sessions (2 hours each)

Sessions can be scheduled in a one or two-day sprint, over a week, or spread out over the month.

How many people can attend the trainings?
We recommend no more than 10 people for remote (Zoom) trainings an no more than 20 for in-person trainings.
Do you offer in-person training?

Absolutely! In fact, we prefer trainings to be in-person due to the interactive nature.

We understand that most companies have a remote workforce, so we’ve adapted our trainings over Zoom.

How are the sessions structured?

Each session includes:

  • Theoretical Lesson
  • Practical, Hands-on Training
  • Question and Answer Time

We will ask you to provide ONE LinkedIn account we can use throughout all the training sessions as an example.

By the end of the training, you’ll have an implementable strategy for that account and documents to recreate the process for every account you manage.

Turn Your Team into LinkedIn Masters.