Attract Your Ideal Customers.

A strategic plan to stand out and become the ONLY choice for your ideal customers.
A Strategy to Stand Out
Capturing attention and market share isn’t easy.

From Google ads and content to lead magnets and tradeshows, there is no end to the number of marketing tactics you can try.

But tactics can only get you so far (and cost a lot of time and money in the process).

A brand strategy provides clarity and direction to capture the attention of the right people at the right time with the right message — and turn them into customers.

Stop guessing. Get the clarity you need to stand out and grow your business.

What’s the Point

Big Perks.

Customer Insights

Gain an intimate understanding of your ideal customers – who they are, what they want, and how you can connect with them. This isn’t a marketing hack, it’s a foundation of business.

Clear Uniqueness

Get the inside scoop on what truly sets you apart from your competition. You know you built something different, time to articulate and express it the right way.

Branded Experience

Reach ultimate confidence to achieve your go-to-market strategy by rallying your entire team around the same differentiated idea and aligning them on your ambitious goal.

The Social Proof.

We secured
3 new clients for the next nine months.

Harmonise landed 3 new clients within 2 months of our brand strategy project, shortened their sales cycle, and saw an ROI of 1,492%.

Our Process

How It Works.


We explore your business and competition to develop and aim for a big, moving target – your brand direction.


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Goals
  • Brand Direction


We workshop and interview your ideal customers–who they are, what they want, how they want it, and why. 


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer File
  • Customer DNA


We define the position you’ll hold in the market and build your identity and messaging around it.


  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Story

Disruptive Idea

We uncover one unique idea that can disrupt your industry and give you a leg up on the competition.


  • Disruptive Idea & Plan


Why You’ll Win.

A 90-page brand book is not a “strategy”. It’s research.

But a strategy without an implementation plan is a waste.

We keep your final strategic brief, precise, and practical.

While also providing a playbook with all the elements you need to implement your new strategy.

Deliverable: one-page strategy and tactical playbook.

one page strategy

Our Clients

They Trust Us.

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What They Say.

Choose Your Plan


The Social Proof.

Turning an unknown brand into a preferred vendor.

Fusion Tech became a preferred vendor for the world’s largest food processing companies and increased annual revenue by $40 million using our strategies.

Need more?

Frequently Asked Questions.
How long does the process take?

A typical engagement depends on the package you choose:

  • One-Day Sprint: workshops occur in 1 day. Deliverables are completed within 2 weeks.
  • Basic Strategy: typically takes 2 months.
  • Complete Strategy: typically takes 3 months.

Timeframes depend on your availability for workshops and the amount of research needed.

Who should be involved in the workshops?

We recommend that your roster include customer-facing leaders. Typically: founder, C-suite, sales, marketing, customer service, product team. This line-up ensures buy-in from your key stakeholders and a diversity of experiences.

What if I need my brand position sooner?

An expedited process is available and requires roughly 3 full days of intensive, in-person workshops to gather the information we need to build out your brand position. Travel expenses for 2-3 members of the SHFT team must be covered.

Do you offer any shorter packages?
Yes. The Brand Positioning Lite package includes only the Customer Module, Client Interviews, Uniqueness Module, and One-Page Strategy. This process takes roughly 2 months.
What kind of results can I expect?

Results vary by client, but you can expect a 20% increase or more in revenue after implementing the positioning strategy we create together. Other results include internal and external clarity, better team alignment, confidence to go-to-market, and increased inbound leads.

We’re a small team. Does this make sense for us?

Absolutely! Our clients have ranged from a 2-person, husband-and-wife team to large enterprise clients with 100+ employees. Developing a brand strategy follows the same rules no matter the size of your team.

Do you help implement this strategy?

Yes, we can. After completing your brand strategy, we’ll have a next-steps call to determine where you would like SHFT’s help in implementing your plan. Past clients have hired us to:

  • Design their logo and brand
  • Design templates for their marketing efforts
  • Build their new website
  • Write copy for their website
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Provide ongoing brand consulting

A Great Brand Starts With a Great Strategy.