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Xyndata – Brand Positioning.

Beating out IoT bullies by aligning on customers with a highly relevant offering.

Where we started

Project Overview.

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Years of experience working with major players in Internet of Things (IoT) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) solutions helped xyndata know exactly what worked and what didn’t, what could be perfected and what should be changed in those fields. The main issue sat with how these solutions were being delivered. In most cases, clients either deal with an overcharging big consulting agency, or get handed off to a junior team that lacks the skills to deliver on promises. In a lot of cases, it’s both. Armed with this knowledge, xyndata played with the idea of packaging and delivering a more human-centric experience to the IoT and machine monitoring worlds.

Identifying & Brainstorming

The Problem.

With an extensive background in product (both their development and marketing), leaders at xyndata knew they already had a solid idea in the works. But, they also identified shortcomings, both in terms of clarity and focus. They knew this was causing poor marketing performance and a lack of conversions. This led xyndata to think about the many ways they could tackle their issues: hire sales people, hire marketing people, spend money on advertising, worry about SEO, etc. Eventually, they realized they needed to go back to the core. They had to work on refining their business idea. They needed to align it with their ideal customers. And they needed to define clear ways of moving forward–internally, as a team, and externally, with clear messaging. Without a better understanding of their target audience, a strong voice in their field, and a unique offering, they would never be able to enjoy more conversations with future buyers. Their marketing and sales efforts would always suffer. And they would never increase their market shares, let alone their revenue and margins.

The Steps we took

The Solution.

Step One

Sweet Spot

We put their environment under the microscope, looking at their company, their market, and people in it. By analyzing each perspective and cross-referencing them, we were able to identify the best opportunity for xyndata to be credible and deliver a differentiated and highly valuable offering for their ideal customers.

Step Two

Customer Research

We dove deeper into their Total Addressable Market (TAM) and exactly who they should go after: blue-collar people who “do the real work” and need an all-around shop floor solution customized by a partner they can trust.

Step Three


Our initial conversations about their sweet spot of opportunity gave us the needed direction. Our customer research allowed us to align the organization with what their ideal customers would value the most. Eventually, we refined their business idea and turned it into a unique and meaningful positioning.

Step Four

Identity & Story

In order to go to market with a distinctive yet authentic feel, we developed a brand identity and story for xyndata and their team. This resulted in visual and verbal guidelines for them to show up as their true self while appealing to their ideal customers on the marketplace.

Step Five

Strategy and Tactical Plan

As is our practice, after spending a substantial amount of time on research, data, and transcripts, we brought everything together and condensed it to a strategy that fits on one page. Coupled with a tactical plan, the one-page strategy helped reach ultimate clarity, focus, and directions on what steps to take next.

What we Delivered

Project Deliverables.

Sweet spot of opportunity for growth
Customer blueprint for market alignment
Brand package with: identity, messaging, story
One-page strategy for ultimate clarity, focus, and direction
Tactical plan for faster execution and go-to-market

See The Difference

The Results.

More and Better Conversations With Buyers

Leaders at xyndata saw an increase in the quality and frequency of conversations with future buyers as soon as we started working together.

By getting focus, clarity, and direction with our one-page strategy, the company is now experiencing an uptick in all major categories for growth:

Top funnel and pipeline activity
Number of quality inbound leads
Frequency of discovery and sales calls
Speed and ease of sales conversations
Conversions of prospects into buyers

Ready to convert more and better buyers?