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Fusion Tech – Brand & Marketing Strategy.

Turning a relatively unknown manufacturer into the preferred vendor for the world’s largest food processing companies.

Where we started

Project Overview.

Worker operating industrial meat slicing machine.
Brandon and Kathy Bentz started Fusion Tech as a custom metal fabrication shop, with a focus on food processing equipment and layouts. Business was good and they had a lofty goal: turn Fusion Tech into a sought-after manufacturer of food processing equipment and systems. A crowded market and a relatively unknown brand held them back from realizing that goal. A simple job listing led them to Jason.

Identifying & Brainstorming

The Problem.

While Fusion Tech had the expertise and capabilities to deliver for the food processing industry, they weren’t landing high-end clients. A freebie website, lack of focus, and wrong messaging kept the team from attracting the clients that would grow the business. They knew food processing, but were unsure how to get in front of plant managers and corporate decision makers. Add to that mix competitors who owned the market share of the industry for decades and a distrust for new vendors. Brandon and Kathy needed an effective brand and marketing strategy to position Fusion Tech as a premiere solution and attract inbound leads.

The Steps we took

The Solution.

Step One


We started with a deep dive into the existing brand, ideal customers, offers, competitors, the industry as a whole, the business structure, and their goals.

Step Two

Brand Identity, Message, and Design

We then developed a brand identity, message, and design to attract and convert the right potential clients.

Step Three

Website Strategy & Design

Next, we designed and developed a new website to showcase their expertise and drive inbound leads. An extensive SEO strategy was included.

Step Four

Content Strategy

Once the website was launched, we developed a robust content strategy to position Fusion Tech as industry experts. This included blog posts, educational guides, social media content, videos, short courses, email newsletter, and tradeshow speaking engagements.

Step Five

Marketing Strategy

Next, we launched a comprehensive marketing strategy that included industry magazine ads, PPC ads, catalogs and spec sheets, and tradeshows.

Step Six

Lead Automation

Then, we set up a CRM and lead nurturing system to pass qualified leads to their inside and outside sales teams.

Step Seven


As an ongoing client, we continue to manage all aspects of Fusion Tech’s brand and marketing efforts. We are also building a new site that will launch soon.

What we Delivered

Project Deliverables.

Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Brand Design
Website Design and Management
Content Strategy and Implementation
Tradeshow Management
Event Management
Marketing Collateral
Lead Generation and Automation

See The Difference

The Results.

Positioned as a Premiere Brand Driving a $40M+ Increase in Revenue

Implementing our strategies positioned Fusion Tech as the premiere brand in the food processing industry, landing the world’s largest food processors as clients. These included JBS, Smithfield, Cargill, Tyson, Kraft, Nestle, and many more.

This took them from $11M in annual revenue to over $51M in annual revenue. That number continues to rise.

Ready to become a premiere brand?