Customer Story

Harmonise Lands
3 New Clients

With our Brand Positioning Workshop and Messaging

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Business consulting company
Harmonise needed a better way to communicate the value they provide.

Founders Juan Erazo and Lorena Marcos developed a system help family-operated, industrial and tech-focused businesses create processes that improve team alignment, modernize operations, and drive new business growth. All of their clients experienced immense growth and raved about the transformation Harmonise brought.

The Problem

Lack of Differentiation

Juan and Lorena had a killer offer, but lacked one key component:

They didn’t know how to communicate why their ideal customers should choose them. That lack of differentiation led to:

  • Long Sales Cycles
  • Lack of awareness
  • No brand awareness
  • Premium pricing

All of which stalled their growth.
That’s when they booked our Positiong Workshop

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The Approach

A Strategy Stand Out.

Deep dive into their company.

We took the time to get to know Harmonise, their vision and goals, their offer, and sales process.

Customer & Competitive research.

Through workshops and research, we got to know their ideal customers and the gaps left in the market by their competitors.

Uncovered their differentiation.

We found that their process of working with employees, rather than founders, was unique and allowed them to fill a gap in the market.

Messaging & Strategy.

We crafted messaging to use on their website and sales literature and developed touchpoints through sales, operations, marketing, and offer to help their clients FEEL their differentiation.

Homepage Review.

We provided recommendations for layout, design, and copy to see more conversions on their homepage.

Tactical Plan.

We created a prioritized checklist to help Juan and Lorena implement their strategy in-house.

The Strategy

What We Created.


“We have noticed a significant impact on our word-of-mouth clients since attending the workshop. It provided us with much-needed clarity on our value proposition, and it’s been very helpful in facilitating our work.”
Juan Erazo, CEO at Harmonise

The Results

How They Won.

3 New Clients in 2 months of finishing the strategy.


Shorter Sales Cycle From 6 months down to 2 weeks.

$97,000 in New Revenue. Stemming from the strategy we created.


1,492% Return on Investment Achieved within just 2 months of the project.

Juan and Lorena haven’t fully implemented their brand strategy and are still seeing results.

They even booked an additional consultation as the increase in clients posed a new problem — how to reduce the amount of time needed at a client’s facility while still providing the same level of service.

The Messages

What We Wrote.

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What They Say

Uncover and Monetize Your Differentiation.