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LinkedIn just get started guide

LinkedIn Just Get Started Guide

Generating leads and revenue from LinkedIn requires more than just getting started, being authentic, and posting selfies.

You need a strategy — one that positions you as the ONLY choice for your ideal customers.

But how do you create one that doesn’t take months to build?

Enter the LinkedIn Just Get Started Guide.

We compiled over 4 year’s worth of expertise creating LinkedIn strategies for 100’s of CEOs, founders, and solopreneurs and created a workbook you can complete in 1 hour.

Featured Guides

B2B Revenue Growth Playbook

A complete brand, content, and marketing strategy to grow your company.

Prospecting Playbook

Create an effective prospecting strategy with this sample sequence and templates.

LinkedIn CTA Playbook

Write calls-to-action that drive leads from your content to your sales funnel.

Brand Guides

Develop Your Competitive Advantage

Discover your uniqueness and write your brand tagline and one-liner.

competitive analysis template

Competitive Analysis Template

Research your competitors and get to know your position in the market.


Brand Archetypes

Determine your tone and voice using these 12 archetypes.

customer persona template

Customer Persona Template

Get to know your ideal customers and create a customer file with this template.

Content Guides

Content Repurposing Guide

Turn one piece of content into a multi-platform strategy.

Content Ideas Worksheet

Generate a month’s worth of content ideas quickly.

LinkedIn Engagement Strategy

Follow this engagement strategy to boost views and interaction on your LinkedIn content.

emailnewsletterchecklist guideimage

Email Newsletter Checklist

Plan, promote, and launch an email newsletter with this handy checklist.

One-Thing Content Strategy

Determine your One-Thing focus and pillar topics to build your brand.

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Brand Strategy & Messaging Carousels
Brand Identity Carousels
LinkedIn Carousels

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