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Clearly expressing why your ideal customers should buy from you can be difficult.

Just look at any B2B website in your industry — their message is likely vague, uninspired, and could work for any of their competitors.

Not really the kind of message that gets customers to understand what sets you apart.

What if you could craft a single sentence that makes it clear why they should buy from you? What if that message helped position you in relation to your competitors? And what if you could use that message in all of your marketing efforts to increase conversions?

Imagine no more.

That message is called your Onlyness Statement — and in this 2-hour workshop, we’re going to help you write yours!

A well-written Onlyness Statement:

  • Expresses your brand position
  • Shows what sets you apart from the competition
  • Defines your category — or creates a new one!
  • Filters prospects in and out of your sales funnel — no more time wasted with bad leads!


This workshop is broken into two main parts:

  • Education — where we teach you the purpose and fundamentals of an Onlyness Statement
  • Implementation — where you will have time to write your Onlyness Statement and get feedback from a brand strategist

Limited to 5 participants, this workshop will provide you with practical help to advance your brand.

What Previous Participants Said

I thought I had a solid grasp on who I serve and why my program is unique, but I have always had a hard time articulating it in a memorable way. After the Onlyness workshop I was crystal clear on what makes my program unique and so powerful for my ideal clients. The best part is that I can stop stewing over this and finally go to market with a clear position.

Michelle Tresemer, Foundations First Marketing


It was great and very beneficial. I have a solid direction for creating a forward-facing marketing statement.

Drew Carl, Student Bridge


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Brand Workshop

Craft a single onlyness statement that clearly expresses WHY your ideal customers should buy from you.

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