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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I have ready for the call?
A discovery call is just that: a time of discovery. During the call we’ll ask you to provide a brief overview of your company and share what issue prompted the need for this call.
Why don’t you have pricing on your website?
Branding is a very custom process. While we do have a proven process, we’ve found every client requires something a bit unique — extra customer interviews, more help with nailing down their offer, or market and competitive research.

The same is true on the content side. No two businesses have the same mix of content needs. Blog, podcast, free guide, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, video editing, graphic creation.

We’ve found it’s a much better experience for our clients if we talk first and provide pricing based on what they really need.

Do you have a starting range for your services?

We don’t sell commodity services. Every service we offer is based on 1:1 workshops, consultations, and working with your team to provide the help you need to build a brand that attracts your ideal customers.


That being said, our services start at:

  • Brand strategy modules: $7000+
  • Brand design options: $5,000+
  • Content strategy options: $1,800+
  • Content consultations: $999
  • Group workshops: $175+
When will I get a proposal?
That depends. The discovery call is to determine if we are a good fit. Often, a second call is needed to dig into the nitty-gritty and see what you truly need.

If we can provide a proposal immediately after the discovery call, we will. Otherwise, we’ll schedule a secondary call to determine exactly what you need and work up an accurate proposal then.

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