Attract Your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn.

Establish yourself as an industry expert, generate leads, and land new clients with an effective LinkedIn content strategy.

Let’s Be Real: Most LinkedIn Advice Is Bullsh*t
No matter how consistent you are, or how much time you spend engaging with other people’s content, or how creative you get… you just can’t seem to land clients.

The online courses don’t seem to work. Neither does the advice from big-name creators. The engagement group? That just got you junk comments.

You’re not alone… Many business owners feel this way when it comes to their content.

The social Proof.

If converting clients is your problem, SHFT is your answer

… The week after our consultation, my engagement went up by 15% and continued to climb after that. My content brings in consistent sales every time I post on LinkedIn.

—Antoni Tzavelas, Founder of AntonIT

LinkedIn content that converts.

Use the Strategies that Drive 75% of Our Business.

Let’s be real: Most LinkedIn advice is bullshit.

Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out what to post, how often, who to connect with, and how to drive the demand your business needs, let SHFT help.

Our LinkedIn packages combine branding, training, and strategy to position you as a thought leader and make you stand out as the ONLY option in your industry.

It’s not fluff. It’s the proven strategies and tools we use every day to drive 60%–75% of our own business.

And while results vary, our clients see as much as a 60% increase in revenue from their LinkedIn content after working with us.

Let’s increase yours.

How It Works.

How You’ll Generate Demand.

1.5 Hours of Our Devoted Attention.

You’ll hop on a consulting call with us to help you clarify your brand and gain an intimate understanding of your ideal customers: who they are, what they want, and how you can connect with them.

This isn’t a one-hit tactic or marketing “hack” – this is the foundation of your business.

A Custom Content Strategy and the Analytics to Measure It.

We’ll develop a custom content strategy that helps you show off what you’ve built and tells your story, your way.

And we’ll give you the tools you need to measure its success.

A Dedicated Slack Channel and Ongoing LinkedIn Training.

You’ll get a private Slack channel where you get ongoing training, resources, and answers to your questions.

And if you need ghostwriting services, we’ll do that, too.

What’s Included

All the Tools & Guidance You Need to Thrive.

Strategy Outline

Determine your one-thing focus, pillar topics, content schedule, topic ideas, call-to-action ideas, and more.

Engagement Strategy

Know who to engage with, when, and how in order to drive more views and likes on your own content.

Lead-Gen Strategy

Discover how to use your LinkedIn content to generate leads for your business.


Get extra resources we’ve developed in order to help you implement your content strategy long-term.


Tone & Voice

Are we writing your content? We’ll work through a tone & voice guide to ensure the content we write sounds like you.

Slack Channel

Monthly consults and ghostwriting clients will receive a private Slack Channel for ongoing support.

Proven Results

Results that Speak for Themselves.

Here’s a glimpse at what the kinds of results we’ve achieved for our clients:

Up to 285% increase in post views
Up to 233% increase in likes
Up to 100% increase in engagement rate
1000s of new, qualified connections
Up to 60% increase in business revenue

The social Proof.

I started converting more than 50% of my leads into buying clients…

… A few weeks after implementing the strategy we laid out in our LinkedIn Consultation, Ryan Miller of Be Authentic Coaching began seeing inbound leads coming in and was able to convert over 50% of them into buying clients.
— Ryan James Miller Case Study

Let’s Turn Your LinkedIn into a Revenue Machine.

Packages & Pricing.


Additional LinkedIn Help.

Profile Audit


Improve your profile with suggestions on your cover photo, profile photo, headline, about, featured items, and experience.

Corporate Training

Starts at $5,000

Turn your entire team into LinkedIn masters. In three, 2-hour workshops we’ll train you to develop a LinkedIn strategy, engagement strategy, and the ins-and-outs of creating content that drives revenue. Custom trainings available.

What Clients Are saying

Don’t Take Our Word For It.

What did we miss?

Frequently Asked Questions.
How long does the process take?
A typical engagement usually takes us 6 months. But of course, it depends on whether we’re writing your content or simply training you to become a LinkedIn master. The first month of each engagement acts as a trial — meaning you can cancel after 1 month with no problem.
What kind of results can I expect?
LinkedIn is roughly 40% content and 60% how you engage on the platform. We will give you the strategy and resources you need to dominate, but you need to put in the work. Results, therefore, depend very much on you.
That being said, with our ghostwriting services, we will provide you with expertly written, thought-leadership content you can post.
How do you get my expertise when writing my posts?
We’ll interview you each month during the consultation to gather your insights, tone, voice, and expertise so our copywriters can create posts that show you to be the expert you truly are.
Do you schedule my posts for me?
We CAN for a slight fee, but we recommend that you publish your posts yourself for two reasons:
1. No publishing software allows you to schedule the first comment on your post, and if you want to get people signed up for your email newsletter or have them download a resource, it has to go in the first comment.

2. We recommend spending 20 minutes before you post engaging on other people’s content. Publishing the post yourself helps ensure you engage.

How can I find my ideal customers on LinkedIn?
We’ll work through a strategy to help you find and engage with your ideal customers on LinkedIn.
Do you engage for me or do any outbound messaging?
The short answer: No. Success on LinkedIn requires some work on your part. We cannot log into your account and pretend to be you. Nor do we run any outbound DM campaigns on your behalf. If you want outbound campaigns or LinkedIn ads, we can recommend you to a partner company.

Ready for a Revenue Bump?