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What’s the point?

Simple Lessons.
Exponential Impact.

Crafting a brand strategy makes business growth simpler. From sales to marketing to offer and even down to your processes, the right brand makes everything easier.

The Brand Yourself email course will teach you how to build the right brand strategy.

We took the lessons and frameworks from our popular Brand Game Plan solopreneur program and distilled them down to a 7-day free email course.

The lessons are simple and easy to implement. The results, though? Those are exponential.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your brand
  • Know your ideal customers
  • Craft your brand position
  • Develop a scalable offer
  • Create your Brand MO
  • Design a content strategy
  • Create a one-page brand strategy

Course Creators

Who We Are?

Jason Vana

I am a brand and content strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of SHFT. Before social media even existed, I was creating content that drove revenue and positioned brands as the premium choice in their industry. Fast forward 20 years and my strategies have turned previously unknown businesses into worldwide, category-dominating brands. When I’m not leading the team at SHFT, I can be found hiking, traveling, brushing up on my Czech language skills, or ripping apart bad sales and marketing tactics as #sassyjason.

Stephane Egger

Brand Strategist with a writing background, I’ve now spent 10+ years consulting B2B service companies on their messaging and brand strategy. Discussing big questions, and coming up with meaningful answers to bring your uniqueness to life is what I enjoy doing. My ultimate reward is when you reach an aha moment–unlocking something we know is there, but just couldn’t find ways to express yet. I spend my out of office time working out, reading, watching sports, living.

Lessons You’ll Learn

What to Expect.

Day 1

What is a Brand?

Discover what it means to have a brand and how you can stand out over other options.

Day 2

Your Ideal Customers

Ask yourself these 4 questions when trying to identify your ideal customers.

Day 3

Brand Positioning

Use this template to craft a brand positioning statement you can use in your marketing materials.

Day 4

Scalable Offer

Package and craft one single offer in a way that makes it easy to sell and scale.

Day 5

Brand MO

Create standard operating procedures to optimize simplicity, speed, and efficiency in your business.

Day 6

Content Strategy

Craft a content strategy that attracts your ideal customers and generates leads.

Day 7

One-Page Plan

Condense your brand strategy into a one-page plan for easy implementation.


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