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Let the business come to you.

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From a Side Gig

SHFT started as a side gig with the crazy idea that growing your company should be simple:

Build a solid brand, craft content, and let prospects come to you.

We were sick of watching companies buy into 20+ page strategies they would never use.

So we started SHFT to help businesses stop floundering and start growing.

What started as a side gig is now a full-fledged agency.

We’ve shaped and tested our brand strategies in various B2B industries and have generated millions in revenue for our clients.

SHFT partners with companies that are committed to growth and understand the importance of branding, content, and prospecting.

Is that you?

…To A Growing Agency.

You’re Getting The Best.

The Values That Drive Us.

We kill darlings.

We promise to tell you like it is, point out the tactics that are hurting your brand, and provide the strategies you need to grow.

If that means killing fancy ideas that slow your momentum, then that’s what we’ll do.

We coach.

No matter what. In helping. In being of service—even with small things like free resources. We guide you through the work we do together so you understand it and can execute on it. We keep honest and open communication lines with you.

We believe in simple.

A strategy should be a one-pager. If it’s not, you have research, not strategy.

SHFT works to provide you with simple and easy-to-implement brand and content strategies. We know our clients put tremendous value in us simplifying complex strategies for them.

We don’t stop.

We’re always learning and always improving, which is good news for you.

You can count on getting our best. And if something can be improved, we will improve it.

Founder / Owner

Meet the Team.

Jason Vana

Founder | Owner

Founder | Senior Strategist

Jason Vana

I am a brand and content strategist, entrepreneur, and founder of SHFT. Before social media even existed, I was creating content that drove revenue and positioned brands as the premium choice in their industry. Fast forward 20 years and my strategies have turned previously unknown businesses into worldwide, category-dominating brands. When I’m not leading the team at SHFT, I can be found hiking, traveling, brushing up on my Czech language skills, or ripping apart bad sales and marketing tactics as #sassyjason.

Scott Asli

Head of Growth

Deiera Bennett

LinkedIn Consultant

Jill Champagne

Graphic Designer

Daniel Champagne

Logo Designer

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